Quality System

In recent years, due the ever increasing demands for superior product quality and service required by our customers within both Domestic and International markets; Epsilon Heat Transfer have taken the decision to introduce the ‘Total Quality’ concept throughout our business; to ensure Total Customer Satisfaction in every field of our activity.

Given the above, all Epsilon products are subject to rigorous quality inspection procedures; from initial raw material receipt to multi-stage production and final  despatch to our customers.
Epsilon Heat Transfer works in compliance with global quality standard ISO 9001-2008.

Epsilon Heat Transfer's Quality Management System utilises many techniques to attain continuous quality improvement. To meet the highest quality requirements, we set production standards regarding methods, products and processes. Consistent implementation and innovative ideas, lead to technical excellence.
By systematically applying FMEA right from an early development stage - products and processes are analysed to prevent defects.

In accordance with POKA YOKE principles (POKA YOKE standards for safety against error); we avoid production errors - particularly during manual work operations; by consistently applying standards for the organisation of the workplace.  Monitoring facilities are also used to check each potential source of error.

At Epsilon, statically test-planning signifies the experimental method of determining and optimising the essential factors influencing product and process quality.